52. ‘Black-eyed Susans’ by Julie Heaberlin.

I am still working my way through ‘Wolf Hall’, enjoying every minute of it, but it isn’t one to be skipped through if one wants to really experience Hilary Mantel’s Tudor world…so you’ll have to wait, I’m afraid!

In the meantime though, here’s a book Mum read in October 2016, and one I am sure was an airport buy, possibly read on the way back to London from my sister’s in Spain. It’s a serial killer thriller, and quite a good one – I certainly didn’t spot the villain until the very end! Thriller’s are a genre I enjoy, but don’t usually choose: this one I read in one sitting, it definitely caught my attention!

Here’s what it says on the back cover…

Left with three other girls in a grave shrouded by Black Eyed Susan’s, Tessa alone survived, her testimony helping to put a killer behind bars. Now, sixteen years later, he is about to be executed. But Tessa feels no relief, because somebody is planting Black Eyed Susan’s outside her window. Someone is sending her daughter sinister messages, and there’s a lawyer telling her the man about to be executed is innocent. Which can mean only one thing – the wrong man has been sentenced, the real killer is still out there, and Tessa might not be the last Black Eyed Susan.

Now, on a side note – when I lived in Australia, Black Eyed Susan’s were a rampant weed! I remember planting one on the fence of my chook pen (hen house!) which was well away from the garden proper…and it went berserk, smothering the fence and the chook house, but looking absolutely glorious! Definitely not recommended for planting outside windows in a smaller garden in the subtropics though! and I remember them being more orange than yellow as illustrated on the cover of this book.

Anyway. It’s pretty good, and it is looking for a new home…as always, if you would like to read this, simply get in touch through here or the Facebook page…or Instagram! and I will send it to you with love from Mum and I.