One Year In…

Its been around a year since I began this delightful project. Thirty seven reviews and a lot of lovely new friends later, I feel so grateful!

The last month I have been very quiet, mainly due to the Christmas rush over at BeckyandVince, and then an all too brief whirlwind visit to my family in Australia over the Christmas school holiday. It was certainly a much needed break – as most of you know, I am a full time teaching assistant here in Somerset, as well as trying to build my small business.

It’s back to normal life again now though. As always, I find the darkness of the winter months a terrible trial; it’s not the cold that bothers me so much as the lack of daylight hours – the going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. A major reason for moving to Australia all those years ago! But here I am again, and fortunately I have Mum’s books to transport me to different places and times whenever I can find time to lose myself in one!

I actually did a lot of reading while I was away – nothing like a 24 hour flight to chew through a few books – and I shall be posting reviews of them shortly. However, I do still have five that I have previously reviewed sitting here waiting for someone to claim them! The reviews are all here for you to read, and if you’d like Mum’s copy to add to your bookshelf, simply get in touch either here or through the Facebook page and I shall be delighted to post it to you at my expense – the whole idea of this project is to spread Mum’s love for the written word while freeing up space in my tiny cottage!

So, don’t be shy – I’d LOVE to hear from you! (And all the books are delivered with a free BeckyandVince thong bookmark…what are you waiting for!) These lovely books are all awaiting a new home……

Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful year ahead, I am so looking forward to sharing more of my darling Mums library with you all.

Much love, Becky XXXXX