25. ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’ by George R.R. Martin.

It’s not one of Mum’s books, but it certainly one Mum would have bought, being one of Game of Thrones’ biggest fans like myself. Oh, the discussions we had about plots and characters, the delighted email I received once saying simply “I know what a warg is!”, the enjoyment we shared watching a documentary about George R.R. Martin together – we both wholeheartedly approved of his wife’s statement that if he killed off Arya, she would leave him!

BUT…and it’s a big ‘but’. I know that Mum would, like me, be saying, “I wish he would just get on with writing the next volume of the main story!”

That being said, I quite enjoyed this. It’s like the Hobbit compared to Lord of the Rings, although definitely not suitable for younger readers due to the language used, and that’s a shame really, because it does only crop up here and there, and this story of a hedge knight and his squire would have been a lovely read for a youngster. It is also quite confusing at times; trying to keep abreast of who is who in the Targaryen dynasty is a bit of a struggle.  You will have noted however that I did only say ‘quite’ enjoyed it. It does not have the same page-turning punch as the original series, and I found the illustrations throughout the book distracting – again, lovely for a youngster to add to their enjoyment, but does one really want a youngster reading a book with the C word sprinkled here and there, admittedly not as much swearing as the main series, but it’s there.


So, in no way a substitute for the next volume of A Song of Ice and Fire, but if you would like to read it, just get in touch either here or on the Facebook page and I will send it to you – it’s not a book I feel the need to keep, or re-read. Such a shame!

Here’s an Amazon link in case you have missed out on my copy and despite my less than glowing review, want to buy a copy yourself. And I would be very interested in hearing the opinions of others who have read this….were you as underwhelmed as me?